"The Township of Melbourne celebrated its 150th anniversary on July 1, 2005 at the annual Ice Cream Social of Richmond County Historical Society at the Upper Melbourne Town Hall Market site. The newly renovated museum was open to the public as well as the Archives Center which is located in the Town Hall. An exhibition of panels displayed historic photographs and information about the history of Melbourne Township, for example, the names of Mayors and Secretary-Treasurers (1855- 2005) which are included below, as well as the list of Grantees, Land Grant Records of Melbourne Township, 1805".

"Mayors of Melbourne Township 1855 - 2005

1855 - 1857 W.H.Webb 1910 - 1912 John Galbraith
1857 - 1858 Udolphus Aylmer 1912 - 1914 G.T. Pope
1858 - 1860 Charles Hall 1914 - 1915 John Watson
1860 - 1862 Geo. Williamson 1915 - 1916 W.J. Nelson
1862 - 1864 Douglas Brymer 1916 - 1921 R.G. Dunbar
1864 - 1868 Geo. Williamson 1921 - 1923 O.R. Burt
1868 - 1872 John Hetherington 1923 - 1925 F.N. Doyle
1872 - 1875 Robert Sloane 1925 - 1931 Arthur Driver
1875 - 1876 James Mairs 1931 - 1934 T.L. Johnston
1876 - 1879 Arthur Wilcocks 1934 - 1935 W.D. Frank
1879 - 1883 W.H.Webb 1935 - 1935 J.E. Baker
1883 - 1885 S.H. Shonyo 1935 - 1937 A.R. Johnston
1885 - 1886 Tho. Torrance 1937 - 1939 F.E.M. Robinson
1886 - 1886 Henry Gawne 1939 - 1945 H.W. Badger
1886 - 1887 Tho. Torrance 1945 - 1949 B.G. Husk
1887 - 1889 Henry Gawne 1949 - 1949 W.D. Frank
1889 - 1894 M.G. Crombie 1949 - 1951 E.G. Sims
1894 - 1896 S.H. Shonyo 1951 - 1956 George Morin
1896 - 1898 Jos. Irwin 1956 - 1957 W.L. Gee
1898 - 1899 Henry Gawne 1957 - 1961 Aubrey Carson
1899 - 1900 Jos. Irwin 1961 - 1963 Cecil Johnston
1900 - 1904 J.J. Weed 1963 - 1971 Theodore Champigny
1904 - 1906 Jos. Dustin 1971 - 1983 Dennis Keenan
1906 - 1907 James McNaughton 1983 - 1987 James Johnston
1907 - 1909 W.J. Nelson 1987 - 1993 George Champigny
1909 - 1910 Robert Mc Morine 1993 - 2005 Daryl Grainger
2005 - 2019 James Johnston  

"List of Grantees: Land Grant Records Canton de Melbourne

érigé le avril 1805, Reg. B, Grants, folio 363

Henry Caldwell Thomas Patrick
Edward Bowen Robert Velden Monteith
George Hamilton Leonard Thomas, Jr.
John Caldwell Benjamin Watson, William Wellington Fox, Thomas Frizzle& John Rowland Williams
Jane Caldwell Riley Gallup
Martin Cannon Sullivan Randall
John Dandson William Henry Glasco
Mathew Lemon William Crook
Thos. Simpson Thomas McLeay
John Donaldson, Sr. George Williamson
Henry Donaldson François Lafont
Peter Donaldson William Crombie
John Donaldson, Jr. Erwin Armstrong
Hugh Donaldson Adam McIver
James Donaldson George Williamson
David Donaldson Joseph Chapman
John Ellison Patrick Daly
George Gallup Henry Waters
John Gibson Melazipe Pierre
John Gibson, Jr. Thomas Tait
Peter Hunt Edward McLure
Aug. Hibbert William Frank
Willard Hill Lucinda Spicer, veuve de feu Francis Gouin
Thomas Lancaster Daniel O'Shea
John Miller Robert Reath
Archibald Miller Andrew Irwin
Daniel Miller Le rép. lég. de feu James McDowell
David Mudget Michael Aimes
Oliver M. Pierce Le rép lég. de feu Robert Shaw
Andrew Patterson, Jr. Benjamin Walton
Jonathan Stickney Robert Graham
John Stickney The Rockland Slate Company
John Stimpson Henry Alymer
Daniel Stimpson Thomas Mackie
Ephraim Stimpson Leighton Jonas Beaman
Joseph Stimpson James Eames
James Stimpson Will Beattie & Richard Franklin Woodburn
Frs Vallerand Robert Monteith
Lieut. Col. Donald McPherson James Golden
La femille De Tonuancourt Joseph Weir
Veuve de Jacques Pinquet et ses filles Les rép. lég. de Thomas Smith
Ezechiel Elliot Les rép. lég. de Edward Lamb
Benj. Wakefield John Cook
James Young Robert Nixon
Louis Desrocher Alex. Bell & Angus McLean
B.A.L. Company James A.Conway
Ira Greenwood Robert Chapman
Joseph Gallup Eugène Viger
Wadley Leavitt William Eames
Edward Journeau James Ferrier, Jr.
Fred. Geo. Heriot Les rép.lég. de John Young
Charles Smith Samuel Crook
Thomas Johnson George Williamson & Marcus Geo. Crombie
Brit. Am. Land Co. Daniel Ashmore
Thomas Wilson Royal H. Stimson
Lewis McIver Les rép. lég. de Daniel Stimpson
John Watson Robert Dunbar
Isaac Gold James H. Irwin
William Main Henry F. Woodburn
Eliza Drennan, Veuve de Geo. Montgomery Charles Cull
Horace Morrill James Keenan
Samuel Jamison James Mairs
Benjamin Garland Les rép. lég. de James McLure
Chancey Granville Clarke Thomas Labonté
Robert Sloane, Jr. Andrew Montgomery
John Parker & Thos. Jardine Edwin V. Leavitt
Joseph Ash Mathew Fleming
Gerard Irwin Patrick Delaney
Matthew Lane Clark Roderick McKinzie, 1er
Robert Williamson Edward Elms Cleeve
Evander McIver, Sr. Job Adams
Alexander Torrance Daniel Curran
James Torrance George King Foster
James McLure Thomas Steele
John Wilkins James Findley
Clinton Rice James McLaughlin
James Dickson Alexandre McLean
John Ashmore James Bailey
Joseph Pepler Francis H. Nunn
Henry McDarby"

"Secretary Treasurers of Melbourne Township 1855 - 2005

1855 - 1866 George Chillis
1866 - 1868 Hugh Cairnie
1868 - 1884 John Main
1884- 1889 Samuel Hetherington
1889 - 1894 James Mairs
1894 - 1910 Jas. Sloane, Chas. Sloane Assistant
1910 - 1928 J.J. Brighton
1928 - 1937 R.G. Dunbar
1937 - 1951 F.W. Burrill
1951 - 1964 W.D. Frank
1964 - 1980 Thomas Gilchrist
1981 - 2005 John Barley
2005 - 2019 Cindy Jones

British Heritage in the Richmond-Drummond Area

The theme for the summer of 2003 was British heritage in Richmond and Drummond Counties. The theme focused on two groups of settlers; Yorkshire, England settlers, c. 1830 and disbanded British soldiers, War of 1812-14. The former group settled in the Trenholm area and the second group received grants of land in Drummond County, particularly Grantham and Wickham Townships.

Yorkshire, England Settlers

What do these names have in common?
and many more.

Answer: Yorkshire, England
*Hive, North Cave, Yorkshire

On August 17, 2003, special displays of family history pertaining to the Hall and Armatage families were presented by Norma Lester and Lucy Taylor. A wealth of information, photographs and memorabilia about the Yorkshire families exists in the personal archives of these two ladies. The Society extends a sincere thank you to Mrs. Lester and Mrs. Taylor for their willingness to participate and their excellent displays.

Disbanded British Soldiers, War of 1812-14
Following the War of 1812-14, Maj.- Gen. Frederick George Heriot brought many of the discharged British soldiers with him to settle in Drummond County, particularly in Grantham and Wickham Townships. These soldiers who had been garrisoned in Quebec City chose to accept land instead of returning to Great Britain after the war. Heriot who founded Drummondville in 1815 was a distinguished veteran of this conflict having served in battles in Upper Canada, including Chrysler’s Farm (Morrisburg, Ontario area)

On August 6, 2003 the Society organized a Drummondville Tour which gave the participants an opportunity to use the Drummondville Registry Office to search for records of the Heriot’s soldiers and to visit St. George’s (Anglican) Church and cemetery where Heriot is buried. A special thanks is due to Mr. Barry Husk and Ms. Brenda Lee LeBlanc for the church and cemetery tour and an opportunity to visit the Drummondville Historical Society.

The following is a sample of the names of the some of the soldier-settlers who received grants of land which were registered on May 24, 1822: (Later these names are found in Durham – Ulverton and L’Avenir).

Name Lot Range Township
Abercrombie 25 2 Durham
Bogie 16 2 Wickham
Cross 17,20 2 Wickham
Fraser 28 4 Wickham
Hughes 18 2 Wickham
Husk 10 2 Wickham
Lawless 7 4 Grantham
McMannis 4 4 Grantham
Montgomery 5 Grantham
Montgomery,J 15 5 Grantham
Mooney 1 5 Grantham
Mountain 2 5 Grantham
Scott 28 4 Wickham
Smith 2 4 Wickham

On Highway 116 , near L’Avenir is a shrine which commemorates the British soldiers who settled in Wickham in 1815. The inscription reads as follows:

Wickham and St. Peter’s Shrine

In this site of Wickham Township settled in 1815 by a group of soldiers under Frederick George Heriot, with a chapel and an adjoining cemetery, was dedicated to St. Peter by Rev. Hugh Paisley, missionary, December 25, 1831.

Commission des Monuments,
Historique du Quebec

Sources of Information:

RCHS Archives

  • Census Records, 1851-61 Shipton, Melbourne, Drummond
  • Family Histories
  • Military history of Richmond
  • St. Amant’s book
  • Drummondville Historical Society
  • Registry Office
  • St. George’s Anglican Church

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