To mark the 50th anniversary of the Richmond County Historical Society in a meaningful way, a time vault was constructed near Melbourne Township Town Hall. This concrete underground structure that will hold up to 150 individual time capsules.

These time capsules will stay in that vault for 50 years; the vault will be opened only when the Society celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2062. Some participants may expect to be present at the opening of the vault 50 years from now. Others will not be able to do so, but their descendants will.

Old Place Names in Richmond County and vicinity (approx. 30 of these names are stamped on the leaves of the Time Vault Tree)

Flodden Back Village of Shipton (Danville)
Gore Front Village of Shipton (Richmond)
Goshen Brandt’s Hill
New Rockland Boscobel Molly Hill
Dalling Little Egypt Bothwell Hill
St. Mary’s of Ely (Maricourt) Golden Bay Kelly’s Corner
Kirkdale Webb’s Ledge (Asbestos) Buttermilk Hill
Lisgar Melboro Gallup Hill
Frazer’s Mills (Fontenoy) Danby
Salmon Creek Williamson’s Mills (Kingsbury)
Davidson Hill (North Ely) Claremont Hill
Sydenham Place Powerstown
St. Patrick’s Hill (Tingwick) Brownleigh
Castlebar Little Warwick
Lorne >New London
Trout Brook Ames’ Corner
Wadleighville (St. Felix de Kingsey) Pierce’s Crossing
French Village (St. Felix de Kingsey) The Notch
Watkin’s Mill (St. Nicephore) South Ely
Wheatland The Ridge (Melbourne Ridge)
Stanfold (Princeville) Hardwood Hill
Somerset (Plessisville) Shipton Pinnacle
Frankland (Warwick) Sand Hill & Slatington
Denison’s Mills
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